Are Robots The Future? AI Tech Founders Share Three Surprising Insights

“Will Robots Take Over?” Three Views on AI From AI Tech Founders

AI is here to stay, becoming increasingly mainstream. It’s fascinating to see how different people utilize AI in varying ways. While the impact on our world, economy, and daily lives can seem daunting, incorporating AI into our lives and businesses is becoming essential. Here, we explore three pioneers building a brighter future with AI.

Steven Saxton: Climate Action Through AI Innovations

Steven Saxton has a diverse career from film and television to finance, contributing to movies like “Lone Survivor” and shows like “Breaking Bad.” His entrepreneurial spirit also led him to establish Green Gorilla in the CBD sector.

The challenges he faced in accepting standard payments from credit cards drove him to explore blockchain, crypto, and AI. Partnering with 15 banks, he launched a stablecoin and a climate impact coin. The result? GorillaPay.AI, a platform improving payment access and combating climate change through AI-enhanced blockchain technology.

AI for a Greener Earth

Saxton believes that job displacement by AI is intertwined with environmental changes. With floods in Italy and fires in Canada, personal experiences like his Malibu home burning down have solidified his climate action mission.

He emphasizes prioritizing basic needs such as clean water, organic food, and green energy, and believes companies must adapt to the changing climate. While AI can be used for both good and bad, Saxton remains hopeful that it will lead to positive changes.

Arshad and Ingen Dynamics: Redefining Everyday Tasks with Robots

Arshad Hisham and his team at Ingen Dynamics are dedicated to improving lives through AI and robotics. They developed the Origami AI platform, allowing for flexible product innovation. Their flagship products include tabletop robots, surveillance software, restaurant robots, and humanoids, showcasing the benefits of AI in various sectors.

Addressing AI’s Risks

Arshad acknowledges that AI is revolutionary but carries risks, advocating for regulations and responsible development. He warns that unchecked AI proliferation can be detrimental and emphasizes the need for ethical considerations.

Advising CEOs

Arshad advises CEOs to adopt AI to avoid falling behind. He compares AI adoption to essential utilities like electricity, necessary for business survival and innovation. Embracing AI can drive productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Connect with Arshad and Ingen Dynamics through their Website or LinkedIn .

Jonathan Capriola: Embracing AI and Its Inevitable Progress

Jonathan Capriola believes AI can’t be regulated and has embraced it to improve his life and that of his children. He acknowledges AI’s potential for harm but focuses on its positive applications. Capriola’s journey began with the toy company Laser Pegs, which he scaled internationally. After transitioning to the medical device industry, he founded AI Blockchain Ventures, combining AI and blockchain for seamless business operations.

Unlocking AI’s Potential

Capriola’s company serves clients in engineering, automation, and profit enhancement. By customizing AI solutions, they streamline operations and ultimately increase revenue. His team ensures that businesses can leverage AI to its fullest potential.

Challenges of Regulating AI

Capriola argues against regulating AI, comparing it to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin. He believes that instead of futile regulation attempts, efforts should be directed towards maximizing AI’s potential. Despite acknowledging AI’s risks, he trusts that most people will use it for good.

For more information about Capriola’s work or to engage with his AI solutions, visit the AI Blockchain Ventures website or follow him on LinkedIn .

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