“How A.I. Technology is Revolutionizing Workplace Safety Against Active Shooters”

“Every single day there is some sort of event at a workplace,” says Tracy Reinhold, chief security officer at SaaS security company Everbridge . However, these aren’t team celebrations or promotions. Reinhold is talking about critical incidents that can include anything from natural disasters to active shooter situations.

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Recent tragedies, such as the mass shooting at a warehouse in Aurora, Illinois, have highlighted the increasing need for effective workplace security measures. The shooter in the Aurora incident was an employee who opened fire during a termination meeting, tragically taking five lives and injuring six.

FBI research shows an average of 16.4 active shooter incidents annually in recent years, up from 6.4 between 2000 and 2007. In 2017 alone, there were 30 such incidents.

The Rise of Intelligent Security Systems

Preparation is crucial. While 75% of companies list active shooter situations as their top threat, many have not conducted appropriate drills or education. Everbridge’s AI-powered platform addresses this gap by streamlining and enhancing emergency response.

Enhancing Human Decision-Making with A.I.

Reinhold emphasizes the limitations of human security officers. They can only process so much information, while AI can analyze millions of data points to surface key threats. Everbridge uses AI to review thousands of sources, like social media, news, and weather data, then applies algorithms to identify relevant information.

Everbridge’s platform also benefits from expert crowdsourcing, incorporating input from emergency management and public safety officials worldwide. This data includes severity, urgency, and crisis categorization to offer a comprehensive situational view.

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By combining automated intelligence with human judgment, Everbridge provides a complete and actionable perspective on threats. For instance, during the London Bridge terrorist attack, global security officers could monitor and locate employees in real-time, ensuring their safety.

Big Brother for Good: AI’s Protective Role

Brian Phillips, director of global security at Thermo Fisher Scientific , explains that Everbridge helps secure over 26,000 employees across 400 locations. Initially, employees were hesitant about the tool, but over time, they have become comforted by the proactive security measures.

With critical event losses costing companies $535 billion annually, integrating predictive risk intelligence is a game-changer. Physical security departments can now move beyond “guns, gates, and guards” to data-driven decision-making.

AI in security isn’t just about preventing incidents; it’s about providing peace of mind and ensuring that employees feel protected, both onsite and off. From monitoring global threats to real-time location tracking, AI is revolutionizing workplace safety.

As the scope of threats expands, the importance of advanced, AI-driven solutions will only grow, underscoring the need for smart technology in maintaining safety and security in our increasingly unpredictable world.

“How A.I. Technology is Revolutionizing Workplace Safety Against Active Shooters”