How AI Will Transform Art in 2024: Open-Source Rebels Take on GPT

If you had a crystal ball powered by AI, what would you ask about the future? What groundbreaking innovations or trends lie ahead in the realm of artificial intelligence? We may not have such mystical tools, but we’ve gathered insights from industry experts and AI founders to forecast what’s in store for the coming year.

35 Predictions for AI Evolution

AI is set to revolutionize numerous fields with predictions shaping a creative future, more integral uses, and enhanced AI tools.

Here’s a distilled guide based on expert insights about the future of AI:

Human and AI Collaboration

1. AI Won’t Replace Knowledge Workers: The future of AI lies in harmonizing human capabilities with AI, amplifying human abilities through conversational interactions and cognitive assistance. This synergistic relationship, dubbed ‘Human Squared,’ will see AI as a teammate multiplying our own abilities.

Enhancing AI Infrastructure

2. Generative AI’s Infrastructure Will Leap: Expect significant advancements in AI infrastructure startups akin to the evolution in web and cloud technologies. This ‘cognitive plumbing’ involves four layers: models/middleware/tools, data infrastructure/operations, infrastructure software/XaaS, and semiconductors/systems.

3. AI Will Become Integral to Applications: AI integration into applications will mirror the necessity of having a website or app today. This shift will drive capabilities beyond human limits, leveraging innovations in semiconductors, infrastructure, data operations, and developer tools.

Empowering New Entrepreneurs

4. A New Wave of Founders: There will be a rise in entrepreneurs dedicated to tackling complex problems with AI. Their commitment will attract eager investors from inception to iconic stages, with a focus on vision, values, and leadership.

Boosting Creative Industries

5. AI Enhancing Creativity: AI is set to provide a significant boost to creatives, such as those in video games and music. However, while AI can assist creatively, generating full-length movies or artwork that evokes deep emotions remains a challenge.

6. Specialized Language Models (LLMs): The trend will move towards LLMs specialized in specific fields like biochemistry or materials science, optimizing their utility and performance in niche areas.

7. LLMs Becoming Mission-Critical: Companies will shift from experimental use of LLMs to integrating them as mission-critical tools, necessitating improvements in reliability, response time, and cost.

AI and Entertainment

8. AI Movies: AI might not create full-length movies yet, but it will generate backgrounds, scenes, and short films, paving the way for more complex visual storytelling in the future.

9. AI for Email Management: Early adopters will heavily use AI to manage emails, automate sorting, reading, and responses, though some, preferring control, may be slower to adopt.

10. AI for Coding: AI is revolutionizing coding, helping developers complete significant chunks of work, leading to increased productivity and adoption of AI tools like Cursor.

Open-Source AI Advancements

11. Open-Source Models Rivaling GPT-4: Open-source AI models will continue to advance, potentially rivaling more established models like GPT-4, and companies will use LLM operating systems to streamline production.

12. AI-Generated Videos Get Longer: Expect improvements in the temporal consistency of characters within AI-generated videos, allowing for more extended and coherent storytelling.

13. LLMs Evolving Into Agents: These agents will have more powerful tools and capabilities, becoming indispensable for search and various digital tasks, significantly affecting how we interact with technology.

14. AI Music Generation: AI will help artists create new songs, with personalized lyrics and collaborative efforts between humans and AI giving rise to innovative music forms.

AI’s Role in Financial Services and Customer Interaction

15. Open-Source AI Agents: Open-source AI agent projects will evolve into reliable applications, spearheading complex task automation and creating business opportunities.

16. Domain-Specific Models: Performance comparison within specific professional domains will become commonplace, with specialized training labs leading the way.

17. AI in Capital Allocation: Financial services will utilize AI to revolutionize investment strategies, providing richer contextual evaluations and enhancing competitive edges.

18. Customer Service Transformation: LLMs will revolutionize customer service by automating repetitive tasks, leading to faster and more efficient customer interactions across various platforms.

AI Enhancing Everyday Life

19. Open-Source LLMs: These models will gain prominence due to their cost-effectiveness and control, shifting focus from established giants like OpenAI.

20. End of GPT Wrappers: Startups improving upon OpenAI might struggle if they lack unique competitive advantages, as major entities may assimilate their innovations.

21. AI-Generated Music’s Potential: AI-generated music will improve, possibly producing hits comparable to human-created works, though it might still face hurdles in achieving widespread appreciation.

22. AI Hardware: AI-focused hardware innovations, though intriguing, may not see mainstream adoption yet, remaining within early adopters’ realm.

Human Connection and Interaction

23. Simplified Human Interaction: People will increasingly use AI to automate tasks, fostering more direct human interactions without logistical burdens.

24. Proliferation of AI Agents: By early next year, the number of AI agents could surpass the global human population, driving unprecedented integration into daily life.

25. Open-Source Models to Surpass GPT-4: An open-source model might outperform GPT-4, with LLMs becoming smaller but significantly more potent.

26. LLMs Understanding Complex Subjects: AI will gain proficiency in understanding and applying concepts in math and physics, enhancing educational and professional utilities.

AI’s Impact on Content and Creation

27. AI and Influencers: Creators will use AI to repurpose content across platforms, increasing their reach and efficiency, including automated translation tools breaking language barriers.

28. Rise of AI-Dubbed Content: AI dubbing will enable creators to present their content in various languages, leveling the playing field and expanding their global audience.

29. Digital Doppelgangers: More creators will develop AI versions of themselves, using chatbots and avatars to engage with their audiences continuously.

30. AI-Assisted Writing: AI will become integral in writing tasks, helping professionals draft content effectively, reducing literacy barriers, and standardizing high-quality communication.

31. AI Won’t Replace Developers: Despite significant AI advancements, developers will remain crucial for contextual understanding and implementation of AI solutions.

Reimagining Creativity and Strategy

32. New Art Appreciation: AI-generated content will coexist with human creativity, fostering a resurgence in appreciation for traditional art forms.

33. Strategic AI Integration: Businesses will focus more on strategically integrating AI within existing tools and processes to enhance operational efficiencies.

34. Data Strategy and AI: Effective AI applications will emphasize good data strategies, ensuring high-quality, well-integrated data informs AI decisions.

35. Personal LLMs: Future AI developments will include personal LLMs designed for individual use, enhancing personal productivity and privacy by using one’s data more effectively.

As experts have highlighted, the future of AI is not only about improving capabilities but also about integrating these advancements seamlessly into our lives, enabling new possibilities while enhancing our daily interactions and professional tasks.

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